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Frequently asked questions

What is Mulk?

Mulk is a dairy-alternative milk made from almonds–and sun-kissed, Californian ones at that!

What makes Mulk different from other almond milks?

Mulk is a fresh, cold-pressed, plant-based milk made from natural ingredients. It contains no additives, binders, fillers, gums, preservatives, or other ingredients that you don`t recognize. Unlike store-bought almond milks, you can actually taste the almonds in Mulk!

Where can I get it?

We deliver right to your doorstep every Friday, throughout San Diego County. Click here to place an order or to learn more.
We also sell at farmers markets around San Diego. Click here to find out where.

What almonds do you use?

We use the sweetest Cali almonds sourced regionally from the Central Valley. Why would we increase our carbon footprint by importing when 80% of the worlds supply is grown in our backyard!

Why should I drink Mulk?

Because it comes in several flavors that are darn delicious!

Why else?

Because it`s darn nutritious! We sprout our almonds to maximize inherent benefits which include plant-based protein, calcium and tons of vitamin E. Mulk is also ideal for lactose-intolerant consumers seeking dairy-free options or for vegans, health seekers and environmentally conscious consumers. Did we mention that Mulk is darn delicious ;)

What are the benefits of an almond Mulk over dairy?

Unlike dairy milk, Mulk is lactose-free and easy to digest as well as cholesterol-free making it heart-healthy. There are no added hormones and antibiotics to worry about and it is much lower in calories! Mulk is cold-pressed and never heat-treated leaving inherent nutrients intact.

Don’t almond trees take a ton of water to grow?

Yup they do, but so do the crops grown to feed the dairy cows, in addition to the water required to run the farm and hydrate the livestock. And we have not yet started on the greenhouse gasses cows emit into the air. . .  so almond trees still take way less water than required to run a dairy farm.

Why call it Mulk?

I’m South African…it’s the way it sounds when I say “milk!” It also solves the issue with the dairy-industry, who has lobbied against plant-based milk producers from describing their product as “milk.”

What is the shelf life?

Our Mulks last 7 days, refrigerated – open or closed.

Are you in stores?

We are working on it! Watch this space :)

What flavors does Mulk come in?

Grab-and-go 10oz bottle: Strawberry, Cold Brew, Maple Cinnamon, Chocolate.
Specialty 16oz bottle: Golden, Honey Lavender, Matcha Latte and seasonal flavors such as Pumpkin-Pie, Choc-Mint and The Almond Nog
Growler: Pure Almond Mulk PLUS all the above flavors.

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