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Holiday Flavors: Start Getting Excited

We are about to enter the 4th quarter of 2020! As we do so, I canNOT believe what a crazy year it has been. I have now dubbed it the Crazy Corono year, and man, has it flown by with the added busyness of all the changes we have had to implement. Like farmers markets closing down for several weeks, adding local delivery, amping up on sanitization methods, protective wear and no-contact deliveries and of course the new rules and regs we`ve implemented at our Hillcrest Farmers Market booth.

With that said, we have decided that the Holiday season cannot come quick enough.. I think we are all itching for 2021, and since y`all tell us all the time how much you love The Almond Nog and Pumpkin Pie, we decided to start doing these flavors a little earlier this year. So from early September, you will be able to order these delicious flavors online, or find them at our booth at the farmers markets. Remember to come to the market early ..we typically sell out!

Here’s to you Corono 2020..  let`s end the last quarter strong–together!

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