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Create your Combo | 3-pack

$33 / week

Create your own 3-pack and get $1 off per bottle PLUS free delivery when you subscribe!


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Flavor Options

Barista Edition

Our Barista Edition is a dairy-alternative creamer that has ZERO oils, homogenizers and gums but more almonds!

Choose from the flavors below:

  • Vanilla [unsweetened]: purified water, almonds, vanilla extract, sea salt
  • Vanilla [lightly sweetened]: purified water, almonds, maple syrup, vanilla extract, sea salt
  • Caramel [lightly sweetened]: purified water, almonds, coconut sugar, sea salt

Muti Mulk?

Muti [mu-ti] comes from the Zulu word umuti which means tree or medicine. Like the name suggests, our Muti Mulks include botanicals and functional mushrooms to provide certain benefits to help you mitigate stress and be more effective.

Choose from the flavors below:

  • Sharp-Sharp | A.M. – Mermaid Matcha [Focus]: Purified water, almonds, green matcha, blue matcha, maple syrup, lions mane, eleuthero.
    • Start your day with laser focus!
  • Go-Go | Noon – Chicory Coffee [Energy]: Purified water, almonds, cold brew coffee, chicory, coconut sugar, cordyceps, reishi, sea salt
    • To help push through the 2nd half of the day!
  • Tula-Tula (Hush-Hush) | P.M. – Chamomile Honey [Sleep]: Purified water, almonds, honey, chamomile, lavender, passionflower, holy basil, skullcap, nutmeg
    • Time to wind down, and get a good nights sleep!

How Delivery Works

• Orders are delivered every Friday, per your chosen frequency.
• Orders are delivered between 8am – 5pm. We will ring your doorbell and send you a text.
• Leave out a cooler with ice and ice-packs on the morning of delivery.
• Leave out your empty growlers for recycling

Don`t have ice, ice-packs and/or a cooler? As an added service, you can add these items to your cart on the checkout page.

How Subscription Works

Mulk will be delivered on Fridays, per your selected frequency. Your subscription can be modified, paused (up to 8 weeks) or cancelled at anytime. Changes must be made by the order deadline (Wednesday at midnight). 


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