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If you love chocolate milk as much as we do, then you will be praising the chocolate gods when you taste our Chocolaty Almond Mulk! And if you love making mulk ‘staches as much as we do, then our Chocolate Almond Mulk will be a double whammy!


What is Mulk?

Mulk is a dairy-alternative milk made out of almonds.

What is Mulk`s shelf life?

Mulk in the glass bottle has a 5-day shelf life when kept at temperatures of 40 ℉ or less. Mulk in the 10oz and 16oz bottles will have at least 7 days and up to three weeks shelf life when kept at temperatures of 40 ℉ or less.

How do I store Mulk?

Store Mulk at temperatures of 40 ℉ or less. The coldest part of your fridge is ideal. Remember to return Mulk to your fridge after using, and do not store on the fridge door where it`ll exposed to ambient temperatures throughout the day.

Will I know when Mulk has been delivered?

Yes! We will ring your doorbell and/or text you.

I have empty Mulk bottles. Now what?

Clean your glass Mulk bottles and leave them outside on the morning of your next delivery. Rinse the 10oz and 16oz bottles and place in the recycle bin.


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