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Almond Milk: even the nobility went ‘nuts’ for it!

While we all think of Almond Milk as a modern-day invention, well.. think again! It has actually been around since the 13th century in the Middle East and the Mediterranean, before spreading throughout Europe where it became popular during the Middle Ages. Used as a dairy alternative during Lent and Ramadan, it was widely adopted and appears in cookbooks as an ingredient for non-meat day recipes. But it took off from there, and the nobility apparently went “nuts” for it, leading to it becoming an ingredient in “De Rigueur” dishes which means “prescribed by fashion, etiquette or custom.”

Fast forward to today`s, Almond Milk`s 2nd act, and whether you drink it because you are environmentally conscious, vegan, for religious reasons, are lactose-intolerant or you just prefer the flavor.. perhaps its also because you just might come from a line of nobility!  



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